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Bus Trip from Singapore to Tioman

If you’re planning to take trip from Singapore to Malaysia, it’s recommended for you to take the bus. Traveling by bus has become more simple and easier with the help of online booking services like Easybook. With this website, you can simply book your bus ticket from Singapore to Malaysia. It will take you shorter time rather than queuing in the bus terminal.

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Bus from Singapore to Tioman

Traveling by bus from Singapore to Tioman will offer you amazing journey. You will be comfortable with the bus services. This is also the cheaper choice for you. With bus, you can see the true color of some cities that you visit. This will give another sensation in your trip. Tioman can be said as the great alternative for your vacation. Tioman is popularly known for its varied sea life attractions. It also has the delicious sea foods you can taste. There’s the express bus to Tioman directly from Singapore. This choice is great for the better experience and lower budget.If you want to take trip to Tioman from Singapore, you can choose the available route like Golden Mile Tower (Singapore) – Johor (Mesing, the gateway to Tioman) and The Plaza (Singapore) – Johor (Mesing, the gateway to Tioman).

Other Singapore – Malaysia Routes

There are other great alternatives of bus routes from Singapore to Malaysia consisting of Singapore-Kuala Lumpur, Siangpore – Penang, Singapore – Genting Highlands, Singapore – Johor and many other routes. You can choose some popular bus operators with great reputation, like Golden Coach Express Service, Konsortium, Sri Maju, Transnasional and Starmart Express. There’re also some bus operator which offer you luxury class bus. This bus is equipped with comfortable and customized couches and more entertainments. You can go from many bus terminals in Singapore, like Golden Mile Complex, Kovan Hub, The Plaza Beach Road and other terminals. In Malaysia, you can visit some great places in Malaysia like Petronas Tower, Boko National Park and Sunway Lagoon. These places will surely give you remarkable experiences in your life.

Easybook Commitment to Your Trip

Whether you come from Singapore or come from Mersing, we provide you the easy facility to help your trip simpler. By click, it means you are ready to prepare your trip. You can go by Transnasional for one route or return from Singapore to Mersing Gateway to Tioman. No matter where you want to start in Singapore, you should prepare your departure at The Plaza. We will bring you to the Johor, especially in Mersing Gateway to Tioman.

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Return Schedule

You do not need to worry because you can get back to Singapore with Transnasional. We offer you the same schedule as what you have found when you departure. It is three times a day at 12.00 Am, 12.00 PM, and 01.30 PM. You can use one of those time to go back to the Singapore. no more things left, except the cost. You need to pay MYR 47.80 for the trip and MYR 35.90 for children. You can prepare your trip today or as soon as possible because all you need is available here. What are you waiting for? get the round trip ticket for the best solution. Is it safe to get the ticket from Easybook? Sure, we are the largest online tour and travel in ASEAN. We give you more than the best deal. We offer you the warranty too and you can cancel your trip in any minutes. We will give your money back. Check our term and services to know  more about the rule of cancellation.

Now, everything is simpler. You also do not need to worry to miss the ticket because you can order and reserve anywhere you are. About the payment method, we offer you to transfer and everything is simpler in seconds. You do not need to queue anymore!

Easy Travel Management

When you travel, comfort is the number one priority, right? Whether you are traveling alone or with a group, or whether you want to have an inexpensive travel or the luxurious one, being comfortable is important. After all, your mood and the way you enjoy the provided service and amenities are all depending on the traveling provider.

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The Meaning of Bus Travel

If you want to travel in style but somehow still engaged in the daily lifestyle of the people around you, what’s the better way than traveling by bus? You can seriously save a lot of money but you can interact with the local people, see the regular and daily views of the people’s lifestyle, and so much more. When you are traveling by plane, it is likely that you won’t be able to soak in the views. How can you whilst you will only see the clouds and the sky? But when you are traveling by bus, imagine how rich and colorful your views will be. Not only you will be able to enjoy the scenic views but you can actually interact and communicate with the people. This kind of experience is definitely valuable and one-of-a-kind.

Traveling around Asia

You are probably planning your holiday trip around Asia and you are planning your itinerary. Why not taking the bus to Penang? There are so many different options with so many different amenities and services. For instance, you can choose the fleets that only depart at night so you can spend the night on the road – which is kind of exciting if you aren’t afraid of challenges. You can also choose the fleets that provide meal service; whether they have the onboard service or them at least stop by a restaurant on the way. Depending on your traveling requirements, you can choose whatever fleets you want. You can always go to and feel free to explore around.

What to Know about Carrageenan and Poligeenan

It seems that there has been a serious misunderstanding happening in the food industry where people think that carrageenan is just the same as the poligeenan. You need to understand that they are both completely different. They are two different entities coming from the same source. They share different terms and different characteristics so they shouldn’t be viewed as the same thing.

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Carrageenan and Poligeenan: What to Know

Both the carrageenan and poligeenan come from the same source, the red seaweed, but from different processing and manufacturing methods. Carrageenan is the food grade substance that results from the safe processing. You simply only need to boil the seaweed with a little salt or milk and then you can extract the carrageenan. The poligeenan, on the other hand, is the non-food grade substance resulted from a pretty dangerous processing method. To make poligeenan, you need to add acid and high temperature. That’s why the poligeenan has never been used in the food manufacturing or processing for more than a century.

As you can see, the red seaweed can be manufactured in various different ways and based on the manufacturing process, different results can be expected. If the red seaweed is manufactured in a safe manner without any acid bath, the result is the carrageenan. If the red seaweed is manufactured with the acid bath, the result is poligeenan. So really, carrageenan and poligeenan are completely different entities.

The Misconceptions

However, people have always mistaken the two because they come from the same source. Moreover, there was a false scientific study around the 2000s claiming that carrageenan was dangerous. They had done studies and experiments about the substance only to find out that it could be lethal. Later on, it was revealed that the subject of the study was actually the poligeenan – not the carrageenan. But the damage has been done and people have developed their own negative opinions about the substance.

Why Booking Bus from Singapore to Ipoh is So Easy

Having a special weekend trip from Singapore to Ipoh will need a perfect transportation to make your adventure getting more special. The bus is the perfect general transportation you should try to make your weekend more interesting. Moreover, booking bus from Singapore to Ipoh is such an easy thing to do. And what makes it easier is that there are a bunch of bus operator you can choose. All of them have special prices you can pick.

Talking about booking a bus from Singapore to Ipoh will not be complete without choosing the perfect bus operator which is so affordable for your cheap weekend thrills. So what is this? Let’s find out more here.

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Booking bus from Singapore to Ipoh at the cheapest price

If you want to get yourself have a weekend from Singapore to Ipoh, you need to booking a bus from Singapore to Ipoh 88 Lapan Lapan Travel. Depart from Park Royal Hotel (Kitchener) Singapore to Perak (Ipoh – Jalan Bendahara) you will find your trip is getting easier and cheaper. With the best and comfortable service, your 7 hours 41 minutes’ road trip won’t be so bad.

 For only SGD 38.00 you will get the comfiest traveling time with a perfect bus operator. Depart at 9:30PM, you will find yourself earlier arrive on Ipoh and enjoy your trip earlier. You know that enjoying the fresh air in Ipoh in the early morning will make your weekend is getting more amazing. Along with the cheap price, you can get the most magical holiday by using a general transportation.

Besides, for a traveler, this kind of trip will be the best choice you should choose. You know that a comfortable trip is not always along with the expensive price. So get yourself booking a bus from Singapore to Ipoh and enjoy the interesting road trip to a beautiful place.