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How to Use Carrageenan Properly?

Carrageenan is normally extracted from the natural salt water plant of the red seaweeds. It is highly natural. Some of the ingredients in the market can’t able to soluble in the water but this carrageenan can easily soluble in water so it is cent percent natural. It comes with the mixture of the carbohydrates and polysaccharides.

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It helps to protect your body from the unwanted affection of the bacteria and also it will not provide any calories to your body so it helps to maintain your diet properly. Through this article, you can learn more about how to use carrageenan properly?

How to use carageenan into foods?

Regularly, you can able to use the calcium, potassium, and sodium carrageenan into your foods. It does not provide the side effects comparing to the other. You can directly add this ingredient in the food of sauces, processed meats, beer, and fruit jellies.

If you want to take this ingredient to cure the digestion problem, then you should add it any of the soft drink so it can easily penetrate into your body and provides the quick result.

Health benefits of the carrageenan supplements:

Most of the medical industries are used this ingredient to cure some of the harmful diseases. Even though, the researchers are proved that it can able to kill the cancer cells in your body.

Keep in your mind; if you are pregnant, then before consuming of the carrageenan, it is better to consult the doctor for safe.

The people those who are suffered from the stomach upset can consume this carrageenan with the mixture of fruit juice so it helps to solve the stomach upsets instantly.

However, the effective ingredient of the carrageenan has the capability to reduce the intestinal problems and peptic ulcers in your body.

What’s the Use of Carrageenan?

Generally, carrageenan comes from the family of linear sulfated polysaccharides. It is extracted from the natural product of red edible seaweeds. This is one of the ingredients are widely used in the food industry.Many of the products in the market come with the main ingredients of this carrageenan only.

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The main motive of this carrageenan is to help to gelling, thickening, and stabilizing the products. Did you see that the carrageenan ingredients in any of the almond or coconut milk products in the market? If no, then read this article. It helps you to know about the important information about health benefits of carrageenan.

What is the use of carrageenan?

Commonly, carrageenan is not only used for emulsifying the products but also it is used to thicken the natural of milk products. If you use this carrageenan with the milk, you will get creamy structure instantly. For that reason, the manufacturing companies of the milk products have used this carrageenan.

This carrageenan is completely natural so it will not provide any of the side effects to your body. Normally, it comes with 2 forms such that degraded and undegraded carrageenan. The undegraded form of the carrageenan is approved to use in the foods why because it does not provide any dangerous effects while you taking this carrageenan.

Health benefits of carrageenan:

The degraded carrageenan is commonly called as poligeenan. Chris presser is the researcher of this carrageenan. He clears that, the undegraded form of this carrageenan does not cause the harmful disease of cancer.

And also this carrageenan will not offer you the intestinal irritation and colon ulcers. Many of you heard that carrageenan is harmful and it affect your health but it is not true. The fact is carrageenan is completely safe and also it will not affect your health in any situation.

What to Know about Carrageenan and Poligeenan

It seems that there has been a serious misunderstanding happening in the food industry where people think that carrageenan is just the same as the poligeenan. You need to understand that they are both completely different. They are two different entities coming from the same source. They share different terms and different characteristics so they shouldn’t be viewed as the same thing.

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Carrageenan and Poligeenan: What to Know

Both the carrageenan and poligeenan come from the same source, the red seaweed, but from different processing and manufacturing methods. Carrageenan is the food grade substance that results from the safe processing. You simply only need to boil the seaweed with a little salt or milk and then you can extract the carrageenan. The poligeenan, on the other hand, is the non-food grade substance resulted from a pretty dangerous processing method. To make poligeenan, you need to add acid and high temperature. That’s why the poligeenan has never been used in the food manufacturing or processing for more than a century.

As you can see, the red seaweed can be manufactured in various different ways and based on the manufacturing process, different results can be expected. If the red seaweed is manufactured in a safe manner without any acid bath, the result is the carrageenan. If the red seaweed is manufactured with the acid bath, the result is poligeenan. So really, carrageenan and poligeenan are completely different entities.

The Misconceptions

However, people have always mistaken the two because they come from the same source. Moreover, there was a false scientific study around the 2000s claiming that carrageenan was dangerous. They had done studies and experiments about the substance only to find out that it could be lethal. Later on, it was revealed that the subject of the study was actually the poligeenan – not the carrageenan. But the damage has been done and people have developed their own negative opinions about the substance.

These Symptoms Tell You When to Have Detox

Nobody will agree with drugs or alcohol abuse even when there is no rules or laws controlling the matter. Why so? Because consuming alcohol and drugs excessively will only bring damage to your mental and physical health. In other words, it is you who will be at a loss. The best way to prevent the harm is by staying away from those addictive substances, however, in case it has happened you must find a help from drug rehab Florida. Besides providing you with professional experts who are always ready to give you supports, the rehabilitation center also offers personal attention to make sure you are comfortable during the withdrawals.

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Non-life threatening symptoms

                Be grateful if you show the signs of non-life threatening symptoms for they are not dangerous both for you and the people around you. However, you should take this matter seriously considering the symptoms can bring discomfort to you. The non-life threatening symptoms include excessive yawning, sweating, anxiety, agitation, runny nose, insomnia, increasing watering in the eyes, and muscle aches.

Life threatening symptoms

                For this one, you have to be cautious. Life threatening symptoms do not only harmful for the person but also people in around. These symptoms include violence, symptoms of psychosis, injury, medical illness until death due to suicide. Suppose you see one of the symptoms, immediately go to the rehab center to get a help.

Cheap but High-Quality E-Liquid

Just because you can buy cheap e liquid it doesn’t mean that the electronic liquid is cheesy or bad. You will be surprised to find out some reliable sellers and stores are actually providing high-quality and totally safe electronic liquid in such an inexpensive price range. Sure, some people think that it is better to create their own liquid but it is actually not an advisable practice, especially for your safety concern. After all, the vaping industry is a growing business with more and more quality products available. So if you can still find your favorite products, why should you bother with the low-quality item?


The Benefits of High-Quality Liquid

The electronic liquid contains the nicotine. If you choose only the high-quality liquid, it means that you choose the better nicotine grade too. Testing the quality of the nicotine inside the liquid product isn’t difficult. When you notice a slight (or much) peppery aftertaste after the smoke, it means that the nicotine is the low-quality one. If you choose only the trusted and reliable seller or store, they will make sure that they only sell the higher-grade products with high-quality nicotine.

Another benefit is the safe ingredients. Sure, the electronic cigarette is safer and better than the regular cigarette. However, there are some electronic liquids with questionable mix and recipes. If you choose a certain product made by only the reputable and trusted seller, you can be sure that they are pretty safe. Don’t forget that you should also take a look at the ingredient list and get yourself familiar with some of the terms and words. If you read any dangerous or suspicious content, it would be better to skip the product – no matter what. Your health isn’t worth all the money in the world. This is also another good reason why you should only choose the trusted seller.

Some Important Information to Read – Carrageenan Dangers

It is not easy to control the wave of information. You have to be careful with the fraud and the false rumor. Read carefully and get information that is more reliable. Otherwise, you will be lost and take the wrong idea. The hottest issue in health is the carrageenan dangers. People are debating the safety of using this food ingredient. Is it safe enough to be consumed? Are there any effects of consuming food products with carrageenan? Well, you need to know that carrageenan is not an artificial food additive. It is derived from natural resources. We know it as the red algae. This food additive has been used for more than hundred years. People would not use it if it were dangerous, right? Moreover, the experts have approved that food-grade carrageenan. The expert toxicologists in the Joint FA)/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives (JECFA) believes that carrageenan is not harmful at all. In addition, there is no limit on its use in food products.

  • More Facts to Read

aWhat makes carrageenan things complicated? The word of mouth is the answer. Some readers take the conclusion without reading the facts of the food additive. They make a huge mistake by accusing carrageenan as the dangerous ingredient. In fact, the degradable carrageenan or poligeenan is the one that should be banned. Moreover, people are afraid that food grade carrageenan can be mixed with poligeenan during the making process. You should know that these two types of carrageenan have different processing steps. It is impossible to get poligeenan and add it into the food. Therefore, you should not be afraid of carrageenan dangers anymore.

Instead of talking about poligeenan, it is better to know the functions of carrageenan. The food grade carrageenan is used to keep the texture of foods and beverages. Some foods such as pudding, jelly, tofu, yogurt and powdered milk use carrageenan inside the ingredient. Meanwhile, carrageenan in processed meat, poultry and seafood are used for water binding and improving the texture. Carrageenan is also found in toothpaste. It is functioned to provide the jelly structure without masking the taste of the toothpaste. The pet food also needs carrageenan to bind the water, to keep the structure and to prevent fat separation. Those are the valuable information to read instead of the carrageenan dangers.

The Meditation Technique for Reducing Stress

There are a few meditation techniques which have aspecific purpose in meditation. You may need to know the technique for some purposes of the meditation.

Mindful breathing technique

You need to choose a “down time” location for mindful breathing. The location for this technique of meditation is available in any places, such as in the subway, in the shower or in the kitchen while you are making a meal. Then, you shift your focus to your breathing and pick a single aspect to focus on. Then, you spend at least five minutes in this state of awareness.

The health benefits of this technique are reducing stress, increasing relaxation, and reducing blood pressure. It is useful to make you focusing on a single sensation which can help to still a racing mind.

Mindful eating technique


You will need to choose a convenient mealtime when you want a meditation while eating. It can be done when you will not be expected to socialize. Then, you eat slowly. You need to focus on each sensation of your first bite, in turn, smell, sight, touch, sound, and taste. Then, you immerse in the richness of the practice of eating and try to eat your whole meal slowly.

The benefits for your health of this meditation is reducing stress, improving digestive functioning, and reducing overeating and weight gain. The reason you need to do this because it could reduce stress. By taking time, you are able to appreciate the small things which most of the people often miss can liberate them from ruminating on the daily concern.

Body scan meditation

Doing the body scan meditation is by setting aside a time and place in your day. You need to choose the time when you can sit comfortably and you will not be distracted or disturbed. You need to find a comfortable but attentive seated position. You must close your eyes and bring your attention to your toes. The meditation involves working up from your toes; bring awareness to each body part in turn; such as your feet, ankles, calves, knees, until your head.

It could help you reducing stress, decreasing muscle tension, and increasing pain tolerance.

What You Should Know about Carrageenan

The world is full of natural and mysterious sources. Sometimes, people are too negative and suspicious over many things. They thought that unfamiliar thing could be adanger for human’s body. Sometimes, they are not open-minded and they cannot accept new things. Those attitudes areadanger for the earth conditions because they only use the regular source. When it is too much, the balance of the earth is not instability position. Carrageenan is one of the natural resources which are not known by many people. Then, people tend to think that it is not a good source.


What is carrageenan? If carrageenan is something you have not known you might not have any clue about it. From the general definition, carrageenan is a natural source for many things. There are several things about carrageenan which you should know.

Carrageenan is natural and good

As a product from the red seaweed, carrageenan is a versatile product. It can be used to thicken and stabilize a variety of foods such as ice cream and other dairy products. It also can be found on syrups and lunch meat. It is approved as kosher and halal ingredients. It is also suitable for vegan and vegetarian diets. Then, carrageenan is safe and suitable for consumption.

Scientifically safe

From the scientific point of view, carrageenan has been determined to be safe. It has been authorized by the regulatory bodies around the world, including U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the World Health Organization. From the Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives or JECFA, it is safe to say that infant formula is no danger when there is carrageenan as one of the ingredients. Then, the International Agency for Research on Cancer and the National Institutes of Health have found it to be non-carcinogenic.


Is Carrageenan Bad? No, It Is Not

There are people out there still asking the question about is carrageenan bad? Well, you need to spread the words once you read this information that it is actually a perfectly safe food ingredient. Even if it’s true that still there are some debatable statement that this carrageenan is quite dangerous to be consumed over a long period but there is no doubt that this compound is safe to be consumed. One of the proofs is the research from Dr. Joanne Tobacman about carrageenan that you can check out below.

The true answer behind is carrageenan bad?


Dr. Joanne Tobacman is the professor at the University of Illinois in Chicago. For many years she has been investigating the carrageenan in her research with her biologist team. We need to know the fact that Dr. Joanne is actually a part of the campaign in banning carrageenan but none of her studies have been accepted by the food regulatory authority or the government. And this is for a good reason.

To answer the question is carrageenan bad; we need to understand that there are two types of the carrageenan itself based on the making process which is actually becoming the main element in knowing the fact. What makes the research from Dr. Joanne have been refused is because she uses the poligeenan rather than carrageenan. We knew that the poligeenan is actually made from the harmful process which causes the damage to our body but not with the carrageenan. Visit

So the answer is NO it is not a dangerous food ingredient. One thing that we should understand is that the carrageenan itself is not a harmful element but to make sure that it is really carrageenan, not poligeenan is that you need to be a smart consumer. This is the only thing to make sure that everything you consume will not cause any damage to your body.

Sea Weed and The Power Behind It


Seaweed has various benefits. One of it is found in Carrageenan. Although many people focus in carrageenan danger, the fact is this substance hides many things inside it. what are they? One and the most popular one is as nori in Japan, Korea, and China. Although it is not directly used the carrageenan, it uses seaweed that the source of carrageenan. Since it has many health benefits, it becomes the popular food in the western world too.

The Properties of Carrageenan

Carrageenans are large and have high flexible molecules. Those molecules are curled forming helical structures. Carrageenan is widely used in the food and other industries as thickening and stabilizing agents. This substance gives them ability to form a variety of different gels at room temperature. The three main commercial classes of carrageenan are Kappa, Lota, and Lambda. Kappa forms strong and it reacts with dairy proteins and sourced mainly from Kappaphycus alvarezii. The second is lota. Lota forms soft gels in the presence of calcium ions and it is produced mainly from Eucheuma denticulatum, and the last is Lambda which is not gel and it is used to thicken dairy products.

All of them are soluble in hot water. In the cold water, only Lambda form that could soluble. Carrageenan has the EU additive E-number E407 or E407a when present as process eucheuma seaweed when it is used in food products. Carrageenan is considered a dietary fiber in technically. Therefore, carrageenan is safe for food and to be consumed. As a dietary fiber, carrageenan is known by a variety of local and native names in parts of Scotland and Ireland. Chondrus crispus it is.. it is boiled in milk and strained before sugar and other flavouring added. The end product of it is a kind of jelly similar to pannacotta, tapioca, or blancmange.