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Is Carrageenan Bad? No, It Is Not

There are people out there still asking the question about is carrageenan bad? Well, you need to spread the words once you read this information that it is actually a perfectly safe food ingredient. Even if it’s true that still there are some debatable statement that this carrageenan is quite dangerous to be consumed over a long period but there is no doubt that this compound is safe to be consumed. One of the proofs is the research from Dr. Joanne Tobacman about carrageenan that you can check out below.

The true answer behind is carrageenan bad?


Dr. Joanne Tobacman is the professor at the University of Illinois in Chicago. For many years she has been investigating the carrageenan in her research with her biologist team. We need to know the fact that Dr. Joanne is actually a part of the campaign in banning carrageenan but none of her studies have been accepted by the food regulatory authority or the government. And this is for a good reason.

To answer the question is carrageenan bad; we need to understand that there are two types of the carrageenan itself based on the making process which is actually becoming the main element in knowing the fact. What makes the research from Dr. Joanne have been refused is because she uses the poligeenan rather than carrageenan. We knew that the poligeenan is actually made from the harmful process which causes the damage to our body but not with the carrageenan. Visit

So the answer is NO it is not a dangerous food ingredient. One thing that we should understand is that the carrageenan itself is not a harmful element but to make sure that it is really carrageenan, not poligeenan is that you need to be a smart consumer. This is the only thing to make sure that everything you consume will not cause any damage to your body.

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