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ReLIFE Information

Coming back to become a senior high school when in 27 years old is not easy. It is done by Kaizaki, the main character of ReLIFE manga. The fact, he is a jobless man. There is no job for him. He finds the job difficulty. After doing some interviews from the company, he gets the failure. He feels so sad and hopeless.

It is not easy to run days without a job. But, someday he meets a man named Ryo. Ryo is from ReLife Company. There is an offering job for him. Kaizaki is asked to become the experiment. There is a drug that can change him being 17 years old. He must become a student in senior high school for one year. As the reward, ReLife will cover the life of him. Then, he will be given a job in this institution.

The pros of the manga

It is important to know what the pros of the manga. It is a good story because the characters are well. Besides that, it is constantly progressing. Then, the tension is held well. It solves the other issues. The interesting thing, it keeps the unanswered questions. People will be happy reading this story because it is funny. Then, it has good art because the color is nice.

The cons of the manga

The picture is less good because the details of it are sacrificed. Then, this manga has the small spoiler. Kaizaki as the main character doesn’t have a good competence but he has the graduate degree.

Those are the pros and cons of the Relife manga. Although there are some cons, it remains to become the interesting story you should read. You will be happy because every episode has the funny story. Finding the manga such like it is really interesting. Get the enjoyment and happiness from it.

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