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More Tips to Choose the Right Chess Set


Need more tips in choosing chess set? Worry not. Below are other tips that will surely help you find the right chess set.

Tips #1: Durability

Durability is important. Especially, if you plan to play with it a lot. A plastic chess set should be durable and nice for years of play. On the other hand, wood pieces usually are more susceptible to chips and scratches that are clearly visible compared to the plastic ones. Here, however, it is a matter of personal preference and budget. You can buy the more expensive chess sets made from wood that look nicer. Keep in mind that due to their detailed design, the expensive sets will not be ideal to beating as they have more fine edges that can be damaged.

Tips #2: The right board

In the world of tournament chess equipment, there are a few different boards that you can choose. They are a folding wood board, a one-piece wood board, and a vinyl rolflex board.

If you are on the go and want a board that is easy to carry, you will want to go with a vinyl board. It is cheap, light and portable. In terms of appearance, they are not the most attractive boards, though.

The one-piece wood board is the least portable. It is the best choice if you plan to play mostly at home and don’t need to take the set anywhere. It is very attractive as it is made from wood. Also, it doesn’t have an unsightly line through the middle.

On the other hand, if you want a compromise, you can choose the folding wood board. It has the look of a wood board yet it is portable. While it may not as portable as the vinyl does, it is a lot more portable than the one-piece board.


The NBA 2K17 Unlimited Virtual Currency

You know Virtual currency or VC in the NBA 2K17 is proved as the most important currency n the fame and you need to have the virtual currency while you play the game. You can do everything if you have the virtual currency in your account. You can unlock certain features in the game you can buy players and item or virtual goods in the game. So in this article, we are going to discuss the NBA 2K17 Unlimited VC Glitch. I believe that if you already play the previous series you will be able to know what is the meaning of the NBA 2K17 Unlimited VC Glitch. Okay, just simply by having NBA 2K17 Unlimited VC Glitch you will be able to get the unlimited access or you can have the unlimited virtual currency.

How to get the glitch in the game?


The developer of the NBA 2K makes an upgrade on the new series of the NBA 2K17 by adding NBA 2K17 Unlimited VC Glitch. You can improve your game, level up your player and upgrade or get the new gear for your account play and also you can get until 600 VC when you load the game. How? Is it interesting right? So, where did you can find the NBA 2K17 Unlimited VC Glitch? You can find the unlimited VC via MyCareer game mode, lots of players would like to start to play the game from this start. For your information, the glitch will work in case you set the difficulty of the game around twelve minutes. So guys, in case if any of you find the glitch try to applying as the NBA team as soon as possible. And you should keep this in your mind and just try to play the game.


Gambling Games


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