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What are the Facilities present in Transtar Bus?


These days, we all would like to go long travel with our family and friends to get relaxed. Oftentimes, long journey will make us to feel tired due to poor coach travels. Transtar released the best travel coach to provide comfort journey to the passengers. The route of this bus starts from Singapore to Malaysia, and it stops only a few famous places in Malaysia include Kula Lumpur, One Utama, and Genting Highlands.

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This article reveals the features of the first class travel coach of Transtar bus. They are listed below,

Transtar First Class:

Transtar Express is the most luxurious 16 seater coach which travels from Singapore to Malaysia. This Transtar bus comes with the double-decker coach and good hospitality. This bus comes with the 16 seats in the upper deck and then remaining two seats in the lower deck. Both of this deck provides the luxurious comfort and best customer service.

How this bus was designed?

This bus was designed based on the customer comfort. The controls of these seats are using the electronic systems, and it comes with the attachments of 10.2 inch TV in front of the every seat. If you don’t want, you can fold up. You can enjoy more channels with fantastic movies and then music. You can play more innovative games using this TV.

The engineers designed this coach perfectly. It gives the healthiest and relaxing environment. The seats are made up of using the high-quality leathers; it gives smooth and comfort. The lengths of these seats are 184cm and then wide range is 55cm, so it gives more space to sit.


This seat also comes with the leg pillow to provide extra comfort and it is attached to the seats for the comfort of passengers. And then more space is also availablein this coach to relax, sleep, and work.

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