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Why Manga is Widely Popular in All around the World

Manga has its booming in all over the world in the 2000s. Since back then, all manga genres have crowded the bookstores. Especially, the incredibly popular manga like Naruto, One Piece, Fairytale, Kuroshitsuji, and much more always place the op row in store’s bookshelves.

Although people read Manga Online through internet site as the alternative, the manga physical book is still popular, especially for the manga collector. Referring to its booming, here are several things that make manga has been able to occupy the book market.


Monthly magazine

For those who prefer to read several different mangas in a time, there are options of the monthly manga magazine. This kind of magazine is the collection from several different mangas that out at the same time. The examples for the magazine are Shounen Jump and Nakayoshi. Shounen Jump is the manga magazine for shounen or male genre. Then, Nakayoshi is the shoujo female manga magazine.

Strong depiction

The things that make the readers easy to read manga is that they have a strong depiction of the character. It is shown by the appearance features of clothing, hair, accessories, and of course the story. Furthermore, the readers usually will be able to understand the story without fully reading the manga, but it is of course for the light genre like romance. It is because the author depicts the story precisely through the drawing. Therefore, from seeing the drawing, the readers understand what kind of situation in the story.

Interesting character features

Interestingly, the depiction of the character in the manga is well described by the appearance features. for example, if the story is about the fantasy world, the clothes will feature the ribbons for the girly female character, having wings, ears like the animal, and many other features.


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